School & College Guidance

Veritas Lake Martin is honored to serve home and family school parents.  Again, we are privileged to partner in the process of helping children develop a Christian worldview that teaches them to love God with all their hearts, minds, souls, and strength. Listed below is some helpful information concerning school and college guidance. 

Status and Academic Records

Students who participate in the whole liberal arts curriculum are considered full time.  Veritas Lake Martin will handle all annual exemption forms, attendance records, and final grade reports including transcripts for full time students.  Humanities only or humanities plus (but not all) students may be considered full time if parents agree to matriculation requirements and provide sufficient documentation of other subjects.  Veritas Lake Martin does not report non-full time students who do not matriculate according to Veritas Lake Martin standards, however we will help parents of part time students where possible.

Daily Attendance

Veritas Lake Martin will maintain a register of daily attendance for all full time students.  Parents who opt to conduct some instruction at home need to submit an appropriate daily attendance log on behalf of their student.  As required by Alabama laws the daily attendance register may be made available to various entities for verification. 


Grade Reports
Veritas Lake Martin provides regular grade reports for all students during the school year.    Classroom grading and feedback will be provided routinely to students and parents based on assignments, lessons and curriculum.  Grammar and Logic students will receive progress reports every mid-quarter and upon request.  Report cards are provided quarterly, and upon completion of the school year an annual report will finalized on behalf of the student indicating matriculation status if full time.  All Rhetoric courses are recorded on an academic transcript based on course completion.  Progress reporting should be frequent and made available upon request.  This may apply to some Logic courses that can be used for graduation credit (Algebra I, etc.).


Veritas Lake Martin requires all students to successfully master all key content areas to matriculate to the next grade level.  In Grammar this is understood as passing language arts, social sciences, religion, math, and science.  Electives and special electives are supplemental to the requirement.  In Logic and Rhetoric this is understood as passing language arts, social sciences, religion, math, science and electives.

Graduation Requirements

Students intending to graduate from Veritas Lake Martin must meet all graduation requirements outlined by the school.  This includes acquiring 26 credits distributed as follows- 4 Language Arts, 4 Social Sciences, 4 Christian Religion, 4 Mathematics, 4 Sciences, 5 Electives, and 1 College, Career, Community and Servant Leadership (CCCASL).  Additional GPA, course specifics, and other requirements may apply.  It is the responsibility of the student and parent to ensure that the student has met all necessary course requirements for graduation.

At the end of the school year, Veritas Lake Martin will host a graduation ceremony to honor seniors. This ceremony is typically held the last week of the school year. 

Veritas Lake Martin provides official school transcripts for all full time Rhetoric (9-12) students who have completed at least one full year of studies. These are necessary when transferring to other schools, applying to a college or university, or for verification of studies in some career fields.   To order a copy of your transcript please contact the school directly.  A service charge my apply.

College  and Career Guidance

College Guidance and preparation are available to all Veritas Lake Martin students through the College, Career, Community and Servant Leadership (CCCASL) course.  CCCASL provides guided opportunities for students to explore careers, colleges and their future.  Additionally will participate in scholarship searches, internships and other service learning experiences.  

College Acceptances

Veritas Lake Martin is part of the Veritas Classical School system which has been helping parents guide students for over 20 years.  Along with our own guidance program our graduates have attended many colleges and universities.  Below is a partial list​-​

University of Alabama
University of Georgia
University of Mississippi
University of Mobile
University of North Carolina
University of North Georgia
University of South Carolina
University of Tennessee
University of West Florida
University of West Georgia
Armstrong State University
Auburn University
Belmont University

Art Institute of Atlanta


Central Michigan University
Gwinnett Techinical College
Emory University
Georgia Tech
Georgia Southern University
Georgia State University
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
Kennesaw State University
Lander University
Lee University
Liberty University

Oglethorpe University

Atlanta Institute of Music

Samford University
Shorter University
Southeastern University
Thomas Edison State University
Truett McConnell University
Union University
Vanderbilt University
Yale UniversityBerry College
Bryan College
Calvin College
Columbia College, Chicago
Covenant College
Georgia Perimeter College

Medical College of Georgia

Georgia Perimeter College
Reinhardt College
Savannah College of Art and Design
The King's College, New York
Toccoa Falls College
Valencia College
Wofford College
Young Harris College

Webster University

Cornell University

Trevecca Nazarene

Mercer University

New York University

University of Ghana

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