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Veritas Lake Martin operates on the traditional American school calendar with classes beginning in August and ending in May, and their breaks and holidays observed throughout the school year.


2018-2019 School Calendar


Veritas Lake Martin utilizes a block schedule for instruction.  Instruction is grouped together on specific days to maximize learning opportunities.


In Grammar and Logic (Grades K-8) students participate in specific morning and afternoon routines to ensure organization and retention. 



Humanities Day 1

Math/Science Day 1

Fine Arts Day 1


Humanities Day 2

Math/Science Day 2

Fine Arts Day 2



Humanities Day 3

Math/Science Day 3


Humanities Day 4 (K-4th Grades)

AM: Math (5-8th Grades)

         STEMS (5-6th Grades)

PM: Science (5-6th Grades)

         Study Hall and STEMS (7-8th Grades)


AM: Creative Enrichment (K-2nd Grades)

         Study Hall (3-6th Grades)

         (7-8th Grades Homeschool Day)

Rhetoric students (Grades 9-12) may participate in a wider variety in of learning opportunities including online, dual enrollment, and Veritas K-12 taught courses.  For that reason, the Rhetoric schedule is a bit more simplified.  See below-

Monday- Wednesday

Humanities, Math, Science, Labs, Fine Arts 


AM: Chapel


AM: Math

PM: STEMS, Study Hall

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